Thursday, 19 October 2017

"I Still Dream Of Playing In The Chanpions League"- Aninneji Michael Osinachi

Joyakosacorner had an exclusive interview with footballer Aninneji Michael Osinachi,who talked about his carrer, background and things he looks forward to in the future. 

Read the full interview below:

Tell us a little about yourself

Well, I’m from a family of five minutes children and we are three boys and two girls. I’m the second child in the family.

How did you became interested in football

 I have to thank God for making this dream come true. All along, I knew I would play football in Europe but was not expecting it as early as this in my career. Being here is a great honour to me, my family and Nigeria as a whole. I’m very happy my dream has come true, thou I did   not  suddenly be came interested in playing as a professional footballer, it is something that is  in me that I had to work hard to develop, of which I did and am delighted to be a professional footballer

 How long have you been playing and what position do you play

I started playing football from a very young age and have always had a passion for it. I was so driven to have a successful football career, I was delighted to be playing for baki fk and Azenu fc both in Azerbaijan main league and Division 1 league,at the age of 18 I have never thought football wasn’t for me, however, I did suffer a severe knee injury 2 years ago and was told I would never play football again.
This obviously wasn’t my choice and I used that comment to motivate me further to recover and get back on the pitch as soon as possible. Looking back on it, I think I actually went back to training far too early but I was so determined to get back into the career I was so passionate about.

Who is your sport Icon that has influenced you the most and why

With my childhood eyes, I admire Ronaldo de Lima,Cristiano Ronaldo,zlantan Ibrahimovic and didier Drogba. They play the kind of game that I like and I really appreciate their style of playing. In Nigeria, I admire players like Obafemi Martins and Ike Uche because they are good strikers and they have really shown their qualities in every clubs they have been. Though I also play in thesame position with them

Do you have any favourite professional team?

Yes Manchester united is my favorite professional team and reason is that they have produce so many great players in the history of football and they are a very big club in europe

 How hard do you and your team train 

I train very hard for me to be at my best because u can't give what u dont have so for me to give good result to the team as a whole I need to train very hard to up my game, and the team also is a very strong team and the technical directors do their best to see that every player is in good shape before any football match

What drives you to get up and go to training everyday

The main the that drives me to get up and go for training every day whenever I remember great footballers and how they trained very hard  to get to where they are today,  It makes me to have more thirst to work harder so as to achieve great things in the world o football

What is your training schedule like

As for my training schedule, I dont have any particular to train because after training with the team  I still make out plenty of time for my own personal training section because it helps me master my style of play.

What will in call your biggest achievement in football

My biggest achievements are yet to come because I still dream of playing in the champions league and and also lifting the trophy, by the grace of God I know it would happen.

What is your biggest challenge in this sport and how do you manage it.

My biggest challenge is trying to be amongst the best and the only way I manage is by Woking very hard to be amongst the best and greatest footballers in the world, because I believe with God on my side hard work it would surely pay off

Do you have a saying or motto you live your life by?

Yes I have this saying which say that where he who runs goes, the one who walks would also reach there in the due And right time (Patience is a virtue)

 In the next 3years, where do you see yourself?

Well in next three years I see my self playing for one of the biggest and known football club in either England or spain and also see my self in my country Nigeria national team, so I know and believe that by the power and grace of God that I would get there because only God makes all things easy and possible

Do you do any other thing apart from football

Yea apart football I engage myself in some indoor and out door games like lawn tennis,basketball and beach soccer and I like going to the karaoke club to sing and catch fun.

What advice do you have for young upcoming people who have interest in professional football.

My advice to other young footballers back there is, first of all let God be your number one factor because he paves ways for people, secondly improve on your skills try to be better than yesterday and being humble enough to learn. Thirdly build your character because your talent and your skills may get you there but your character keeps you on top. ” I always remember there’s a little boy there in the stands who want to be just like me, and I don’t want to let him down”. That’s what keeps me going.

Do you think footballers in nigeria are treated fairly

Recently, Nigerian  footballers have stepped up their game if the current formbook is anything to go by. Despite the Youth team not being treated fairly their performance showed a high level of commitment, fervor and of course skill. Moreover, the senior  team has started to build a stronger team for the next Fifa world cup in russia.

All these and other feats have shown the level of passion and commitment Nigerian  footballers both male and female  have exhibited on national assignments, winning and bringing honour to the nation. But the question remains, are Nigerian  footballers accorded their due honour compared to their European counterparts?

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